MyOatmeal.coml Review by Chef Bob Kupniewski

My Oatmeal is headed by Anthony Collova where you customize an oatmeal blend and be able to select your flavors, and mix-ins. The mix-ins vary from dried fruits, nuts, and your sweetner of choice not to mention the 3 dozen flavors they can provide (Smores, White Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Carrot Cake, Black Forest Cake etc..) Since there is such a wide variety I will just allow you to browse the site from the link right here:

Pretty much you make your oatmeal blend and you can select flavorings and mix-ins for sweetener, fruits etc.

They have a discount here or there on their facebook they will give you free of charge you just pay for shipping due to it being new and looking for feedback (if you write a small review). So this may be right up some of your alley…

I went with the Snickerdoodle Flavor
-PB Lean (Like Pb2)
-Surcalose (Splenda)
-Blueberries (fruit mix in)

Add their facebook and they are doing giveaways for the first few days of the release…

myoatmeal review from IIFYM

As you can see its basically oatmeal with your mix-ins, but the thing you are paying for is convenience. You get practically what you want and its already mixed up for you and the calories/macros are labeled on the other side of the container so its easy to track.

The overall taste was superior. Its not overpowering its exactly how you want it.
I got a strong snickerdoodle taste upon having my first bite, and a small bit of PB on the aftertaste from the PB2/PB Lean. The blueberries were scattered throughout evenly and they did not shortchange you on the overall amount, which is great to have.

Overall, if you need something easy and quick to carry around and want something that is already mixed up and flavored for you. This is a great alternative and something to look into.

I know Anthony has commented these are the best sellers:
Carrot Cake
Cake Batter
Black Forest Cake
Banana Bread
Graham Cracker Swirl.

My next purchase will most likely be cookie dough, because that is right up my alley..



  1. Kate McAvoy says:

    How do you know which oats to choose?

  2. loved using this product! you can pick any combo of flavors and its so easy to pick everything! the website is set up great! I got two bags for only $18! great deal!

  3. Teddy Bobo says:

    is it best taken during the day? for the regime of fat loss

  4. Is the PB Lean like a protein powder? Can you use it as a supplement drink?

    When you get a package, does it tell you how many calories are in each serving?

  5. Can Freekah, or Quinoa be used as subtitutes for oatmeal? Thanks Kim

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