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About IIFYM & the Best Macro Calculator

You probably clicked on this page to learn more about the company that started the macro tracking trend and showed the world that you CAN eat the foods you love to lose weight.

Well, in order to understand our company, you need to understand me.
My name is Anthony Collova and  I’m the founder of IIFYM.com

I am also the creator of the world’s first ever macro calculator.

The small bit of software that changed the face of dieting as we know it today and allowed people to break from crappy, unsustainable weight loss programs and restrictive meal plans.

In addition to being the developer of the world’s best macro calculator, I am also I’m a husband, nutritionist, life coach, burner (participant of Burning Man), artist, food snob, dog lover and recovering drug addict with over 20 years of sobriety behind my belt.

My purpose in life is to help people. Simple as that.

This is why I build the IIFYM website and the macro calculator.

To empower people to lose weight while eating the foods they enjoy so they love their body and build a healthy relationship with food.

That is why I am so fricking obsessed with tracking macros.

See, I tried nearly every diet on the market, and nothing ever helped me lose weight as much as IIFYM did.

Once I started tracking macros, IIFYM helped me drop 70 lbs of pure body fat and totally transform my physique.

It wasn’t just a new sexy body that my macro calculator helped me get, but rather it was everything that tracking macros helped me to uncover.

My real success was there the whole time, waiting behind everything that was hidden by those 70 lbs.

My energy,
My confidence,
My sleep,
My productivity,

Hell…Even my income improved when I finally
cracked the code to weight loss and macro tracking.

Since you are reading this, I am guessing you are a bit like me.
Those 70 lbs of unwanted body fat didn’t just slow me down, but it affected every single area of my life.

It was there when I woke up groggy in the morning
It was there when I struggled to fall asleep at night.
It was there at my job, where I pretended to eat healthy just so people wouldn’t judge me..

…And it most certainly was there when my ex-wife left me for a different man.

In fact, those extra 70 lbs of unwanted body fat were still there even when I put myself through countless diets that promised the world, but never actually delivered the fat loss I hoped to see.

Low carb
Low calorie
Low fat
South beach
The Zone Diet
Weight Watchers

And everything else you can imagine.

None of these diets worked for me
because none of them were sustainable.

Every weight loss program failed because they were all so restrictive that I couldn’t adhere to them for longer than a couple of months.

I always had the best intention but no matter how bad I wanted to lose weight or how much I talked my self in to believing I could stick it out I always ended up in the same spot I started at.

Frustrated, shameful, guilty and hungry.

It wasn’t until I found myself at my wits end that I took the right steps to reach my goals.

That is when I decided that maybe I should start from scratch, forget what I thought I knew about dieting, and find a new way to lose weight.

My problem wasn’t that I wasn’t smart.
It wasn’t that I was lazy
It wasn’t that I didn’t want it bad enough.

In fact, my problem withe weight loss was quite simple:

The reason I failed with so many fad diets was because they were too restrictive and unsustainable.

Everything I tried forced me to do things that were totally different from what I naturally do on my own.

They all demanded perfection rather than celebrating progress.
And they all required suffering as the key ingredient for weight loss to work.

And if it did work, it wouldn’t last.
Even when I’d hire personal trainers to kick my ass in to shape, these guy all demanded perfection too

And the worst part about all the diets I failed at is that they tried to convince me that they weren’t actually diets.

That I wasn’t following a diet but rather making a new lifestyle.

A lifestyle?
Are you serious?

You want canned tuna, rice cakes and egg whites to be my lifestyle?

Are you kidding me?

That is why I was unsuccessful so many times and why I dove head first in to finding a new way.
A scientific way to lose weight without suffering, starving myself or giving up the foods I love.

I buried myself in books, in studies, in pod casts, talking to doctors, to dietitians, to people that lost 10 lbs and people that lost 100 lbs.

I interviewed athletes, coaches, bodybuilders and bodybuilding coaches to crack the code and figure out exactly how to lose weight while eating the foods I love.

Once I had my data, I got to work and built the worlds best macro calculator.
We are currently on our 7th iteration and I am happy to say that IIFYM has the worlds best macro calculator there is.

There are over 160 macro calculators on the internet right now, and I had my hand in developing over 130 of them. Chances are, if you went to any weight loss website to use a TDEE calculator or macro calculator, it was one that I developed.

Over a decade later I sit here in front of my computer, writing my story after confidently helping over 150,000 overweight people lose weight while eating the foods they love and grow the confidence that comes with reaching our goals and transforming in to the person that we want to be.

I started IIFYM.com to help people lose weight while eating the foods they love, but those transformations is what I am most proud of.

See, weight loss is one thing, but confidence is a different type of animal

When we shed our unwanted body fat, we take the first step towards healing from our emotional baggage.

Kind of like how I feel when I get a haircut and wear a sharp business suit.

When I look good, I feel good.

Is it the same for you?

Take a second right now.
Just a second, to picture your favorite outfit.
The clothes that you look your best in and feel your best in.

Now imagine yourself in those clothes at your goal body weight.

How do you feel all dressed up, in the body you’ve always wanted, wearing clothes that set you on fire?

That my fried is what my goal is for every single one of the people that visits my website.

To have them wake up with that feeling every day of their lives. To live it and know it so well that their confidence overflows into every other area of their lives.
Every moment,
Every relationship,
Every opportunity,
Every decision,

See, I don’t just want you to lose weight without the suffering. That’s the easy part.

What I want is for you to feel the same way that I felt when I reach my goal weight, married the woman of my dreams and sold my company to a business that allowed me retire at age 35.

That my fried is how I want you to feel when you get out of bed in the morning.

And the best part is that my program works 100% of the time for 100% of the people that follow it.

All you must do is put your left foot in front of your right foot and follow the weight loss plan path that I lay out for you.

Without starving yourself
Without restricting your food options
Without body shame or food guilt
And either with, or without exercise. Your call

My goal is put your weight loss program on auto pilot.

This is why diets that forced me to eat foods I hated never worked.
I always ended up feeling guilty for eating the food I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy the things I was supposed to eat and before long I’d fall off my weight loss plan for good and gain back any weight I lost, plus more.

This is the one thing that every single one of my macro tracking clients has in common.

We were all tired of failing at weight loss and sick of diets that made of feel like failures.

Now, the one thing that me and my clients have in common is that we get to eat the foods we love and lose weight while doing it.
No more suffering
No more eating crappy health food
No more taking fat burner and expensive supplements
No more confusion surrounding health and nutrition

Now, we eat the food we love, lose weight and happily tell others exactly how we reached our weight loss goals in half that time that it takes most people, without feeling like we are actually dieting.

For more info on how you lose weight without dieting, check out the weight loss programs we offer to get you started with macro tracking so you can transform your body exactly like so many others have.

To your success,

Anthony Collova
Founder, IIFYM. com

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