The Vast Benefits of Kettlebell Training: Build Your Grip, Stamina, And Physique

Barbells and dumbbells have long been the staple of an effective training program. And for good reason; they provide the biggest bang-for-your-buck when it comes to building strength, muscle, and sculpting an impressive physique. But, in recent years, a new kid has shown up on the block and has taken a foothold as a must-do […]

9 Benefits of HIIT: Is it the King of Cardio?

I’m about to use a word that I absolutely hate, and that word is CARDIO. I may be standing alone on this one, but I’m willing to bet there are many of you out there reading this article having the exact same thought. I live an extremely hectic life between running my business and […]

Why An Exercise Routine Isn’t Necessary To Lose Fat

While many people attribute their weight loss to exercise, it turns out that using an exercise routine really isn’t necessary for losing body fat. Although that may sound counterintuitive to everything you’ve heard in the past, total weight and fat loss is actually due to creating what is known as a negative energy balance. Fortunately, […]

Retaining Muscle Mass – Should You Do Pre or Post Workout Cardio?

Cardiovascular training aka “cardio” has countless benefits for the human body, which we won’t delve into in this article. However, we do have a serious question for you… How many times have you seen people get to the gym, hop on a cardio machine, gas themselves to death, and then do resistance training right after? […]

Is Working Out While Sick Detrimental To Your Health?

Waking up grumpy, achy and a nose running more than a broken faucet, only to end up working out anyway (because gainz) sounds quite admirable. Nothing’s going to stop you from sweating your way to an even better version of yourself. Yeah, that sounds cool until you’re “that person” sneezing all over the equipment, truly […]

When Is It Time To Fire Your Personal Trainer

If you’ve been following along with the IIFYM approach to shed fat, build muscle, and achieve a better body (if not, here’s the IIFYM macro calculator) chances are, you’ve been working hard in the gym as well. You likely have hired a personal trainer and have been going at it at least three times per […]

Dynamic Stretching Advantages and How to Apply Them

We all know how important stretching is. It’s been preached about for decades. We all can remember the days of being in school and having gym teachers and coaches running us all through stretches. Unfortunately, in those days it was primarily static stretches and not dynamic stretching. People are used to the normal static stretches […]

5 Real World Truths About Weight Loss

Let’s face it, there are so many reasons for cutting weight, such as: Aiming to improve your health Improve your appearance Making a lower weight-class or getting on a bodybuilding stage Getting to a healthy weight Maybe even a vacation or photo shoot to look your best Losing body fat and cutting weight is a […]