Is it true that vegetables are a “free food” and don’t need to be tracked?

Do I count vegetables in my macros or are they free calories? Out of the 200 emails, we get every day, this question is asked probably 5 times. Having helped over 25k clients per year lose weight with our macro diet plan, I can’t even count the number of times this fat burning question comes up. […]

10 Tips to Keep Fat Intake Low and Consistently Hit Your Macros

You’ve just received your initial macro numbers from the macro calculator on the IIFYM website and are ready to get started with your weight loss diet plan. After a few days, you notice that you are consistently hitting your protein and carbohydrate numbers, eating a greater variety of foods than ever before; however, your fat intake […]

Do I have to eat every few hours if I want to burn fat?

Meal timing is far less relevant that most people are aware of. This is not to say that it should be neglected. However, unless you are training for a bodybuilding show that requires ultra-low levels of body fat or a competitive athlete, stressing about eating every few hours is hardly part of a successful fat […]

Should I limit fruit or dairy products while doing IIFYM?

No, is the simple and short answer here. Unless you have an intolerance (autoimmune disease), allergy to certain products or dietary preference, there’s no reason to limit yourself here. Dairy products and fruit aren’t the culprits that cause fat gain. The Proven Reason Fat Gain Occurs It’s the overconsumption of calories, so if you’re consistently […]

Which TDEE formula is best on the IIFYM calculator?

In step 1 of the macro calculator, the most accurate formula is the Lean Mass option. This allows you to enter your body fat percentage, which calculates your nutritional needs off of your lean body mass (muscle mass) rather than your total body weight. An easy way to break it down in to very simple […]