• 100 Done-for-you-Recipes

    The days of dry chicken are long gone with these mouth-watering, yet macro friendly recipes for any occasion.

  • Every meal covered, including desserts.

    Harness the beauty of IIFYM which allows you to lose fat while eating the foods you love, including dessert!

  • Guaranteed accuracy. Zero guesswork

    No more wasted time and energy searching for recipes online and weighing and measuring your foods.

  • High protein, Low Carb, Low Fat.

    We’ve done the work for you, you simply pick based on your day’s macros which variation fits you best, it’s that simple!

Most programs fail due to a lack of variety, Yours won't with our macro friendly recipes

“25lbs and about 5 months progress I'm a wife, a breastfeeding mom of 2, and an RN. Dieting never worked for me before but this doesn't feel like dieting and I made changes to myself and learned so much about foods I was eating. IIFYM works!”

Melissa Jurek

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