Family Nutritionist – Isn’t a Great Choice for Your Nutrition Advice

I am (happily) married to a family physician. There is a reason I do all the cooking. If you’re remotely skeptical, you know Dr. Oz is not a reasonable source of nutrition advice. But what about your family doctor? Are they well-informed about healthy clean eating and how it relates to things like weight loss, […]

How Do I Exchange My Macros?

For those who want to eat more of a certain macronutrient in lieu of another. For instance, a person with diabetes who prefers to eat fewer carbs than allotted and wants to increase their protein and/or fat intake. This is how you exchange your macronutrients. Protein and carbs are a 1:1 ratio with both equaling 4 […]

How Changing Your Diet Can Help Fight Inflammation

Recent research suggests that chronic high levels of inflammation may be a primary factor in many of the chronic diseases our country is currently facing…

The Hunger Hormones That May Be Hindering Your Weight Loss

When the average person decides to hop on the weight loss bandwagon the only aspects they’re thinking about are finding the nearest treadmill and dumping all their Little Debbie’s in the trash. If only they were to start on the IIFYM website and see that they could salvage those delicious treats! Following IIFYM could not […]

Does Every Flexible Diet Plan Have A Moderate to High Carbohydrate Intake?

We get pigeon-holed as carb-zealots that denote other ways of eating. When it’s the correct scenario we prefer to provide our clients and readers with moderate carbs in their diet plan. This doesn’t mean that we are averse to eating a little more fat or protein in lieu of carbs. We understand that preference and […]

How Much Protein Do I Need To Retain Muscle While In a Calorie Deficit?

This is one of the most loaded questions in regards to flexible dieting. It feels as though new research comes out constantly pertaining to this. Yet, we had an article written which outlines how much protein is enough while in a calorie deficit. We base it on lean body mass rather than body weight which is […]