Sleep and Weight Loss: How Too Little Can Be Catastrophic To Your Goals

Has anyone ever told you that you need to get more sleep?  Well, they’re onto something.  In order to wake up feeling refreshed as well as allowing your broken-down muscle fibers to rebuild and get stronger, you need a minimum of seven (7) hours of sleep each and every night.  And no, you can’t “go […]

What Should I Do When I Hit a Weight Loss Plateau?

This question is paramount to being successful while flexible dieting.We had a great piece created for this reason, here are the steps to go through and questions you should be asking: Here’s how to break out of a fat loss plateau There are about 7 different actionable steps to take after a fat loss plateau. […]

Why An Exercise Routine Isn’t Necessary To Lose Fat

While many people attribute their weight loss to exercise, it turns out that using an exercise routine really isn’t necessary for losing body fat. Although that may sound counterintuitive to everything you’ve heard in the past, total weight and fat loss is actually due to creating what is known as a negative energy balance. Fortunately, […]

Retaining Muscle Mass – Should You Do Pre or Post Workout Cardio?

Cardiovascular training aka “cardio” has countless benefits for the human body, which we won’t delve into in this article. However, we do have a serious question for you… How many times have you seen people get to the gym, hop on a cardio machine, gas themselves to death, and then do resistance training right after? […]

To Feel Full During Dieting or Not to Feel Full

Can you relate to this? You wake up, splash some water on your face, your stomach starts growling because you’ve fasted all through the night, and all you can think about is eating something to cure those hunger pangs. When you stop and think about it, isn’t life more enjoyable when you feel satiated and […]

Highly Palatable Food & Weight Management Issues

Our society has become pretty comfortable blaming just about anything for their weight management issues. Gluten, dairy, eating too little, even blood types have been suspects over the years. Although a relatively simple concept, admittedly there are a lot of nuances that go into a really successful dieting effort. Tracking and adjusting your total calorie […]

What do I do if I hit my macros but have left over calories?

I founded in 2011 specifically to show people a new way of weight loss. Not just a weight loss diet but a fat burning program that is centered around rapid fat loss while eating the foods you love. First with the introduction of our macronutrient calculator and then a few years later when we […]

5 Real World Truths About Weight Loss

Let’s face it, there are so many reasons for cutting weight, such as: Aiming to improve your health Improve your appearance Making a lower weight-class or getting on a bodybuilding stage Getting to a healthy weight Maybe even a vacation or photo shoot to look your best Losing body fat and cutting weight is a […]